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  1. EDX-720 Energy dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometer (EDXRF)
  2. Constant temperature and humidity equipment  (TEMP & Humidity Chamber)
  3. Precision high temperature oven  (Hi-TEMP Tester)
  4. Falling test equipment  (Drop Tester)
  5. Life testing machine  (Life Tester)
  6. Salt spray test machine  (Salt-Mist Tester)
  7. Tool Microscope  (3D Measuring Microscope)
  8. Precision projection instruments  (Profile Measuring)
  9. Analog push-pull meter  (Analog Push-Pull Gauge)
  10. Electronic scales micro - impedance equipment  (Micro-Resistance Meter)
  11. Digital push-pull meter  (Digital Push-Pull Gauge)
  12. Pressure test equipment  (Withstanding Voltage Instrument)
  13. Insulation resistance instruments  (Insulation Resistance Instrument)
  14. FFC Lifetime Testing Machine (Flexible Flat Cable Life tester)
  15. Electronic temperature and humidity automatic recording instruments (Electronic Precision Long-time)