UCK Series
Ambient Temperature Range : 60°c ~ 165℃
UUK Series protector is used to protect electric motor, battery pack, and transformer by sensing both the current and temperature.
Unix Tech ‘s Thermal protector is offering a series of high technology snap action thermal protectors designed for a cost effective solution for protection in motor, transformer and lighting applications. Using our unique patented technology of double epoxy coating, we produce items that successfully pass varnish and vacuum tests. This means our thermal protectors are stronger and more durable than our competitors.


●Patented double epoxy coating preventing any impregnation of varnish into the protector.
●Friendly-Environment towards RoHS
●Achieving the protection class IP67 from TUV
●Accurate and quick switching action
●Available with same end terminal(A type) and opposite end terminal(B type) 
●Insulating sleeve is available
●Available with various leads including nickel strip for rechargeable battery packs.
Electrical Ratings
●16  V DC/ 2 AMPS
●125 V AC/ 8 AMPS
●250 V AC/ 5 AMPS
Temperature Range
Available with nominal temperatures from 50°C to 150°C. Standard Tolerance ±5°C.