UEP Series
Ambient Temperature Range : 50°c ~ 150℃
UEP Series protector is economical and versatile protection device for much application such as lighting ballast, motor and transformers.
Unix Tech’s Thermal protector is offering a series of high technology snap action thermal protectors designed for a cost effective solution for protection in motor, transformer and lighting applications. With PBT Plastic case, it can be successfully meet for varnish and vacuum impregnation process.

●Heat resistance PBT plastic case
●Suitable for varnish & vacuum impregnation process
●Friendly-Environment towards RoHS.
●Ultra compact design
●Accurate and quick switching action
●Stocking program available
Electrical Ratings
●16  V DC/ 2 AMPS
●125 V AC/ 8 AMPS
●250 V AC/ 5 AMPS
Temperature Range
Available with nominal temperatures from 50°C to 150°C. Standard Tolerance ±5°C.